My Story...

Hi. I’m Dr. Mark and thank you for visiting my website. I was a pretty sick kid growing up in the Midwest. My childhood was loaded with health problems, prescription drugs, hospitals, and limitations. At that time, all my family knew was medical care, so we were unaware of possible alternatives to the disease-care treatments that dominated my life.

Then one day, as a teenager, I discovered chiropractic and it changed my life. Not only did I get better and stronger, but I was excited about the idea that there were natural alternatives to medicine and surgery.  Since that day, I have dedicated my life to finding the most effective, scientifically supported, natural methods for helping people eliminate pain and regain their health. 

My podcast is where I will share my experience and the secrets to good living I have uncovered throughout my career. I hope you’ll come back and give my program a listen. Welcome!

Meet Your Host

  • I graduated with my DC degree from Life University in 1997.
  • I then practiced in San Diego, CA for a few years before moving to my home town in Indiana. 
  • To this day, I continue to care for my family and friends through traditional, hands-only chiropractic, as well as health coaching on various topics both in person and by phone. 
  • In my spare time I enjoy cooking and playing games with my VR headset. 

Dr. Mark Smith